Guidance Notes

The following is the text of a document prepared by Ann Yorath for the information of new bowlers. If you want to download a printable copy in PDF format then click HERE

Guidance Notes for
New Bowling Members

The Committee, Officials and Members of Retford Bowling Green Ltd would like to welcome you to the Club. We hope you will find these guidance notes useful and trust you will find true friendship and enjoyment when participating in the social and sporting activities of the Club during the future years


New Bowlers will need, a set of bowls, a bag, a measure, chalk and a selection of ‘bowling attire’ generally referred to as ‘Greys’ or ‘Whites’.

‘ Greys’ consist of a white or cream blouse/shirt preferably with a collar, long or half sleeve, either a grey skirt with two inverted pleats front and back or grey trousers, a cream or white jumper or cardigan and brown or grey shoes.

‘Whites’ consist of a cream or white blouse/shirt preferably with a collar with long or half sleeve, a white or cream skirt with two inverted pleats front and back or white or cream trousers, a cream or white jumper or cardigan and white or brown shoes. In our unpredictable weather it is advisable to have a set of white waterproofs ‘at the ready’.

Please note that this old established club, celebrating the 110th Anniversary in 2007 has always endeavoured to maintain high standards regarding the dress code. Therefore, members are encouraged to wear the standard greys or whites when bowling rather than jeans, shorts and coloured tops.

The Fixture Card.

Initially, at the beginning of each new season you will be supplied with a Fixture Card. This item will prove indispensable, as it contains almost all the information you will need during the bowling season. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the fixture card is printed before the bowling season begins. Therefore, it is advisable to check the notice board to check for any changes that may have been made.

The Fixture Card gives details of the dates and times for the start of matches and competitions, the hours the green is available for play, the names and telephone numbers of the Officials of the Club and the telephone number of the Club itself. It details the appropriate dress (Greys or Whites) to be worn for the various matches. Included are

Friendly Mixed Matches                             Gents Rinks
Gents League Matches                                Ladies Rinks
Ladies League Matches                               Mixed Rinks

Please keep the fixture card safe and refer to it regularly. Important Ladies, Gentlemen and Mixed Rinks Please Note;

A list is affixed to the pillar outside the Ladies Changing Rooms. All members must ‘sign in’ at least fifteen minutes before the starting time given on the fixture card. This ensures the captain has sufficient time to decide the format for the game. After Friday Rinks it is customary to buy your opponent a drink.

The Notice Boards.

The Notice Boards are constantly being updated so it is in your interests to look at the Boards whenever you are in the Club.

The rules governing the Notice Boards are very simple. If you wish to be considered to play in a match put your name on the appropriate list. A few days or so before the match is due to be played the Captains will display their selection of players and the reserves. If you are able to play please put a tick against your name. If you are not available to play please put a cross against your name.

In the case of ‘away’ Matches please assemble at the club at the time indicated. Please do not go directly to the appropriate venue unless you inform the Captain of the Day as he or she is responsible for arranging the player’s transport. And will be waiting at the club for you.

or a Fours Competition, please ensure that you have the required number of players to accompany you. (If you have any difficulty please contact the Match and Competition Secretary).

The Ladies and Gents Changing Room Notice Boards show details of the Mansfield League Matches, County and the Inter Club Competitions are displayed there.

The Gentlemen’s and Mixed Bowling Notice Boards detailing Mixed Friendly Matches and Mixed Inter Club Competitions are situated near the Fire Exit in Main Club Room.

The Secretary’s Notice Board is situated nearby.

The Foyer Notice Boards give details of the most imminent matches and Social Events of the Club.

Please observe the no smoking notices in the club.

The Catering Notice Boards are situated in the Ladies Changing Room. A considerable amount of revenue for club funds is raised from the proceeds of catering. As all the catering for Socials and Matches is done on a voluntary basis any assistance you may be able to give will be gratefully appreciated. From time to time Catering Lists are circulated requesting help with baking and sandwiches etc. If you are able to help with the catering your personal expenses will be refunded. The List details all the forthcoming Matches, which require salad teas or buffets. Usually three ladies or gentlemen undertake to cater for each event. The person whose name heads the list of three usually takes the responsibility for organising the menu. Adjacent to the list there are sample lists of suggested menus and quantities if required.

EBA and EBF Bowling Rules

Books on these subjects are kept in a magazine rack by the bar. Please do not remove from the club.

Club Rules and a List of Members’ Names.

These are kept in a magazine rack near to the Snooker room doors.

Some new members might find this ‘Mini List of Duties and Etiquette’ useful.

The Duties of a Player

A Lead places the mat, bowls and centres the jack and sends their woods.

A Second sends their woods, completes the score card attends to the score­board and confers with both skips in the event of any corrections to the score.

A Third offers advice to the skip regarding the position of the head when asked to do so and is responsible for measuring and agreeing the score. In the event of an umpire being called the thirds should stand well clear of the head.

A Skip should lead and encourage and never by word, grimace or action show displeasure when a member of the team delivers a bad wood. A skip should focus on the game and refrain from becoming engrossed in conversation with the opposing skip to the detriment of the game.

The care of the green is essential. To avoid causing divots in the green please place the bowls rather than throwing them on to the turf. It may be particularly helpful to stand behind the player who is delivering a bowl from the mat, so that you have an indication of the ‘line’. This will help you to focus before delivering your wood. All players should stand well clear of the mat, stay within the confines of the rink and remain silent when other bowls are being delivered. The Leads and Seconds should stay out of the head and remain silent whilst the Thirds are measuring and agreeing the score. When the match is finished it is customary to shake hands with the opposing team and assist with the task of returning the mats, jack and scoreboards to the Club. In order to comply with the alcohol licence laws and to avoid accidents please note that drinks can be placed on the wall surrounding the green and consumed within a distance of one metre of the wall, but do not carry drinks on to the green.

The Etiquette of Bowling

It is courteous,

To commend a good shot played by your opponent. Sportsmanship costs nothing and adds to the enjoyment of the game.

Not to criticise the efforts of a fellow player, they are trying just as hard as you are.

When playing at home make the opposing team welcome.

Not to blame the condition of the green for your team’s defeat in front of a member of that Club.

Not to use strong language during play or display signs of temper.

Be appreciative of the efforts of the staff and officials of the Club, who are all working hard on your behalf.

If you have any queries or suggestions please not covered here please contact the captains or vice captains or a member of the committee. Good luck with your bowling and all your endeavours in the club.